Accounting Tutorial

7. Home Biz Accounting - Setup Acccounts

Accounts Menu Screen

Set up Accounts

Using the Trial Balance you created in the introduction / preparation to use the software, select Accounts > Total/ Budget menu option. You will be presented with the following screen.

Note: All balances will be zero. Enter 0 (zero) under Balance AND Yr (Year) Budget for now.

Accounts Setup Screen

At the beginning only enter the Account Number, Account Description, DR or CR normal balance, and zero for the balance. In order for Home Books to do its job, you will be using the Daily Screen to enter beginning balances.

Note: the descriptions are preceded by numbers which are optional. The numbers are 1 for Asset Accounts, 2 for Liability Accounts, 3 for Capital Accounts, 4 for Income Accounts and 5 for Expenses Accounts.

The Navigation Bar at the top of the screen is used to move throught the accounts. The + and - signs are used to Add (+) accounts and Delete(-) accounts.

Be sure to setup an Account called Difference (I use 9999 for the account number) with DR balance of zero. This account is used in entering the Beginning Balances of your books.

This account's balance will vary during the Beginning Balances phase but will have a Zero balance when you have correctly entered all the balances.