Accounting Tutorial

12. Home Books Accounting - Reports

  1. Income Statement

    This Report uses your Sales and Expense Accounts to generate your Income Statement i.e. Profit and Loss Statement.
  2. Account Balances - Trial Balance

    This Report shows all accounts and their current balances. Use it to view or print current balances.
  3. Verify Balances

    This report allows you to quickly to determine which accounts totals disagree with the transaction totals. The transactions totals are the sum of the DR and CR entries in the journals.
  4. Budget

    This report shows your budget compared to actual/current balances in your accounts. The budget is based on the yearly figures entered in the budget field for each account. Therefore, HOME BOOKS divides the Year figures by 12 to get the monthly number.
  5. Activity by Dates

    This report displays activity in all accounts between any two dates. Use this report to find if an entry was left out in a particular time period.