Accounting Tutorial

13. Home Books Accounting - Clearing Details

Home Biz Accounting Maintenance Screen

Use these options with caution !!

  1. Delete All Daily Entries

    The purpose of this option is to clear daily entries. Perhaps you have created a practise set of books and you want to start over or perhaps you want to BACK UP your data files (always recommended) and then start a new set of books either for a new calendar year or a new fiscal year (not necessary Jan - Dec).
  2. Zero All Account Balances

    Once Daily Entries have been cleared, then you will want to zero balances in all accounts.
  3. Delete All Accounts

    The last thing you may want to do is Delete All Accounts. Individual accounts may be deleted under menu Accounts > Totals/Budget during setup. If you are completely unhappy with the set of accounts you created then use this option to start over.

Summary: Create a sample set of books. When you finish practising, use Delete All Daily Entries, then Zero All Account Balances. Now start entering serious daily entries. Use Delete All Accounts to start completely over.

Use these options with caution !!