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Computer Software Systems

Computer Software Systems is a home based business. I have been developing software since before Microsoft Windows became the operating system it is today.

My background is as a High School Mathematics teacher retired for 12 years. My enjoyment is developing software that I find useful. My first serious program was called MarkTracker, a gradebook program for teachers. I like the control I have compared to Commerical brands.

HB Invoices takes care of selling, purchasing and work orders. Several reports are included. I used the software to generate sales information for entry into my accounting program, HB Accounting.

I was on a newsgroup when someone asked 'I wish I had a program to prepare an envelope instead of having to bring up Microsoft Word just to do an envelope. Hence, An EZ Envelope. came to pass.

For other resources, visit my main website ComputerSoftwareSystems.com

Brian Robinson