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Whether it is your Small Business, Home-based business or your personal banking, you need easy-to-use, adaptable Accounting Software and this website.

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Software with Tutorials

Our main focus on this site is to help you keep track of your bank accounts, credit cards, income, expenses for you or your Small or Home Based Business.

First of all, we offer an Accounting Tutorial based on our Accounting Software: Home Biz Accounting.

Our Accounting Software is an affordable alternative to other software. It is simple to use but without the extras such as Payroll. It's target market is for individuals, Husband & Wife Teams or owners of small businesses who want to do their own books.

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What's that mean to you?

It's Easy to Use.
After we teach you how to set up the program. The Daily Screen is where you input the entries. Pick a date. If its a new date, then a new journal entry is created. If the dates been used before, the program takes you to that date. Just add the new items to that date.

During entries there are 2 keys you will use often. F4 to copy the description from the first entry. Saving time typing. F5 to complete the entry by copying the balance to the proper field.

Also, corrections are easy. Will explain that too. Don't worry !

Know where you stand !
With Home Books Accounting, you know where you stand by the day, week, month, year. Simply display or print an Income Statement (Income, Expenses, Profit/Loss).

Review activity in Accounts.
Want to know what you paid for cable TV in the last month, last 3 months, last year (providing the information is there) ? Look up that information by previewing or printing a report.

Start your own Bookkeeping Business
You can setup MULTIPLE set of books. Keep track of personal house expenses as well as your business.
Do Bookkeeping for others, friends, relatives, strangers. All for the same LOW price.

It's affordable.
Low price.

How has this software been used?

  • By individuals keeping track of expenses & bank account information
  • By a Home Based Network marketing couple.
  • By a neighbourhood bar owner (until he retired from the business).
  • By Treasurer of non-Profit Group.
  • Print Shop

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